Oppia User Guide

Oppia is an open source learning platform with the goal of providing engaging content to learners. Anyone can create and share interactive lessons (explorations) with the aim of recreating a one-on-one tutoring scenario.

This interactivity is what makes Oppia unique. Many of the educational tools on the Internet provide a unidirectional flow of information which makes it hard to create engaging, feedback-rich experiences for learners. However, Oppia comes with several built-in interactions and responses that make it possible to personalize feedback to a learner’s answer. Over time, explorations can be improved as more learners engage with the content.

Oppia’s mission is to provide high-quality, accessible learning experiences to everyone around the world.

To begin, we suggest getting familiar with the key terms used in Oppia first.

Lesson Creators - start here

Learn how to create engaging explorations, including how to write a good introduction, and plan your exploration.

Contributors to Oppia

Looking to contribute and add value to Oppia’s lessons? Learn how you can translate a lesson or record a voiceover among other things, and help make lessons even more accessible!

Admins and Topic Managers of Oppia

Learn the steps involved in planning a lesson, as well as how to create a topic and skill in Oppia.

Reviewers of Oppia

Learn the procedure to review translations, voiceovers and questions in Oppia.